Self-Employment Steps for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors: Helping a Consumer Start a Business

Business Plan Checklists

Target Market/Marketing Checklist

Target Market / Marketing Checklist
Item   Needed   Included
Business owner’s customer philosophy
Business’ image described    
Market’s(s’) unsatisfied need for product or service
Geographic description of the market
History and projected trends (e.g., growth)
Demographics of potential customers
Rationale for business’s location    
Competitor’s(s’) weaknesses and strengths
Compares proposed business’s product/service with
Methods for gaining market share    
Message communicated to potential customers about the product or service    
Discusses all promotional activities    
Rationale for selecting proposed advertising media, including estimated cost and effectiveness    
Methods for assessing customer satisfaction    





July 1998, 1st Revision June 1999, 2nd Revision February 2001