Self-Employment Steps for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors: Helping a Consumer Start a Business

Study Guide Answers
Chapter 3: The Process

1. self-employment

2. answers may include:

  • independence-control over work settings and schedule
  • employment where/when outside opportunities are few
  • being the boss
  • interacting with customers, suppliers, and others
  • enjoyable work
  • sense of achievement/satisfaction if the business succeeds
  • control over job security
  • control of business decisions
  • better standard of living
  • feeling part of the community

3. answers may include:

  • pleasing the customer (the REAL boss)
  • long, hard hours with little free time
  • fluctuating income
  • unrelenting responsibility
  • possibility of business failure
  • stress on family/resources
  • possible exacerbation of health problems/disability

4. quit.

The counselor should decide why the consumer is unable to begin to develop a business plan and if he or she needs further guidance or assistive technology.

5. occupation, occupational grouping

6. strengths, weaknesses

7. three functions of business plan include:

  • serves as the business's road map
  • presented to potential funders
  • used to judge the business' potential for success

8. funding

9. long-term